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MeadowMat - Wild Flower Matting

For a  truly low maintenance wild flower garden

Wild flowers are vitally important to pollinating insects such as bees, butterflies and hoverflies. A wildflower meadow is  a great way to help encourage biodiversity in the garden. It will attract such creatures as moths, frogs, small mammals, insects and birds.


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Meadowmat is a quick and easy way to establish a wild flower meadow in the garden. It’s more reliable than seeding and by following our guidelines for installation and maintenance you can be sure of good results

A carefully chosen mixture of British wild flowers are grown on to a thin layer of growing medium that is supported by a lightweight net. Meadowmat is delivered to you with around 75% coverage of plants that will soon grow to give a dense sward; all you need to do is install it on to prepared ground, water it until it puts its roots down and then let it "do its own thing".  Maintenance is simple. If you're Meadowmat is installed on to low nutrient soil, it will only need cutting once or twice a year.

Depending on what time of year Meadowmat is installed, it’s possible for it to flower within weeks of laying

Meadowmat is laid just like turf, click here to watch our “how to” video

Meadowmat can be installed at any time of year, provided the ground is not flooded or frozen. Our growing system means the plants roots are not damaged during harvesting Meadowmat which means that it will establish quickly into almost any situation…although we do recommend installing onto impoverished soil in a sunny spot.

Get a quote: for quick, no obligation quotation, simply type the amount of Meadowmat you need into the "quantity box" in the product description, click on the add to quote/buy now button and then enter the first two letters of your postcode into the checkout box on the right hand side of the screen.....don't worry, you won't be committing to anything, you can change quantities or delete products if you want to and everything is anonymous at this stage.......The value of your order, inclusive of VAT and delivery will appear in the my quote/cart box.

Order online for speedy delivery;   most orders are delivered three working days after your order is received. You can select delivery dates and times as part of our online ordering process.

Once Meadow mat is established, it’s really easy to care for.  It’s a truly low maintenance wild flower garden.

Visit our blog for up to date news and pictures of Meadowmat

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  1. MeadowMat Wild Flower Turf

    MeadowMat Wild Flower Turf

    Consisting of 34 species of British native wild flowers and grasses, all of them perennials, Meadowmat is the perfect way to bring wild flowers back into our lives. (Please note: If you are ordering over 30m² of MeadowMat please allow for an extra 2 day lead time in your delivery plan.)
    Please note this product is not suitable for roof applications.

    Learn More
  2. MeadowMat Birds & Bees

    MeadowMat Birds & Bees

    Meadowmat for Birds and Bees is a wild flower matting containing 42 species of perennial and biannual grasses and flowering plants. The matting will establish quickly and easily to create a wildflower area that offers a colourful floral display in spring and summer and beautiful seedheads during autumn and winter The species in Meadowmat for Birds and Bees are either particularly rich in pollen and nectar or they provide winter food for birds. If you are a fan of wildlife gardening, you will love this product. (Please note: If you are ordering over 30m² of MeadowMat please allow for an extra 2 day lead time in your delivery plan.) Learn More
  3. MeadowMat low fertility soil

    MeadowMat low fertility soil

    Wild flowers need soil which is poor in nutrients. Most garden soil is too rich for a successful wildflower meadow. This specially blended growing medium comes highly recommended for establishing wildflowers in gardens, parks, amenity areas and schools. It has been tested by an independant soil consultancy and found to be low in nutrients and free from contaminants. It is therefore ideal for use with Meadowmat wildflower turf and seed Each bag contains 0.8 m3 - enough growing medium to cover an area of 5 square metres with the optimum depth of 15cm soil Learn More
  4. Turf Laying Boards x 2

    Turf Laying Boards x 2

    Don’t walk on the new turf. Use these turf laying boards during laying and when moving the sprinkler once laid. Learn More
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