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Meadowmat is grown in the UK by Shrubhill Farms who are based in Hockwold, Near Thetford in Norfolk

The growers of Meadowmat are owned by Harrowden Turf  from Northamptonshire and work closely with sister companies Turfland  and Stewartsturf to ensure a cost-effective and efficient nationwide delivery service for our products.

Growing Meadowmat fits in perfectly with our Environmental policy and has helped to increase biodiversity on our farm.



Our Farm

Shrubhill farms is situated in East Anglia, where Norfolk meets Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.  The landscape here is mainly flat with big skies and wide open spaces and it boasts some of the best agricultural land in the Country.

We have just over 1,000 hectares of land producing  Meadowmat wild flower matting, Enviromat sedum matting, Q Lawns turf and a range of arable food crops such as wheat and potatoes.

There are currently 27 permanent full time staff on the farm, at busy times we also employ casual labour. 

Meadowmat's Environmental Policy

fox at shrubhill farms

Shrubhill Farms’ policy is to preserve and improve the wildlife habitats in our control and we have an on-going program of hedge planting, improving woods and waterways and providing a sustainable supply of food and shelter.

Currently on the farm, we are lucky to have a good range of wildlife habitat including

  • 2.5 miles of riverbank
  • 30 miles of interlinking dykes and drains that serve as major wildlife corridors…we think of them as upside down hedges
  • A 12 acre reservoir with banks that are managed for wild grasses and flowers, newly planted trees, a bird hide with a green roof and 4 wet splashes
  • 50 acres of mature woodland with some recently planted areas of indigenous trees, over 2 miles of native hedges.
  • Lakes and ponds or varying sizes

We do tend to farm quite intensively in order to remain competitive but tracks, hedgerows, woodland and other unfarmed areas are managed as naturally as possible.  At Shrubhill Farms, the use of artificial fertilisers and chemical treatments are kept to an absolute minimum.  Satellite technology ensures that fertiliser is only applied where needed.

Delivery vehicles are organised in such a way as to minimise carbon emissions and our sales team drive fuel-efficient VW Golf Bluemotion cars. 

Wildlife on the farm

In 2010, 75 species of bird were seen on the farm as well as roe deer, red deer, muntjack deer, fox, rabbit, squirrel, badger, hare, numerous species of bees, butterflies and insects and a wealth of small creatures.

We're awaiting the results of a new survey that will tell us if we have managed to improve biodiversity


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