We’re great fans of our beloved national garden shows (and we’re always delighted to be the supplier of choice for many award-winning designers). But they’re strange events too – while feasting the eye and imagination, everything from the garden layouts to the individual specimen plants somehow seem to push the boundaries of what nature originally intended. 

Is that wrong? We don’t think so. After all, if you went to these events just to see close replicas of your own back garden, what would be the point? You may as well sell tickets and open your own garden to visitors! 

No, people go to garden shows to be amazed, surprised – perhaps even challenged. But no one more surprised than us when we presented our own trade stand for the very first time at this year’s RHS Hampton Court show.  

The funny thing is that we’d never intended to be an exhibitor – it just kind of happened, and all at the last minute too. But, always up for a challenge and armed with only a few pencil sketches, a couple of our lorries and the cheerful enthusiasm of our own Kevin Harden and Mark Gurney, we managed to create our display in under four weeks from start to finish.

So, what did we come up with?

Well, first picture the scene. We were allocated a pitch right next to the show’s Celebrity Theatre tent, guaranteeing the sort of exposure any business would fight for. We, on the other hand, would have been very happy to while away the entire event in a discrete corner, chatting to the occasional straggler who’d got lost trying to find the refreshments hall. 

But this is what we were given, so we just got on with it, laying out our modest little garden design and expecting not very much response. And so we were staggered to wake up on day 2 and discover a 3-star Award pinned to our stand! We were even less prepared for the throngs of people that patiently queued up to ask questions and collect leaflets.

What were all these people so attracted by?

Well, centre-stage in our garden was given to Meadowmat wild flowers. We created natural swathes of meadow, and ran some lush Q Lawns turf down the middle so that people could get up close to the flowers. And in one corner we had a rustic wooden henhouse, its roof topped off with sedum-based Enviromat.

And that was it. Simple, beautiful, the way nature intended. 

But this is precisely what captured the public’s imagination. Surrounded by the promise of exotica and extravagance, they couldn’t resist the allure of something so natural. One after another they asked; “Is it really that easy to create this effect?” And of course the answer is ‘yes’. That’s why Meadowmat is so popular and increasingly being used not just in gardens but on roundabouts, public spaces, parks – anywhere that can be transformed from a drab area to a buzzing, humming, natural mini-oasis for our very own indigenous flora and fauna.

So, we’re thrilled with our award and relieved that our little exhibit went down so well; but we’re absolutely delighted that so many visitors to the show were totally entranced by the prospect of creating some wild flower meadow in their own gardens. 

If you’d like to find out more about this low-maintenance, high-impact and utterly natural landscaping solution, visit www.meadowmat.com