Get your kids back to nature

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Autumn is the perfect time to get out and about with your kids and teach them all about the wonderful bounty with which mother earth has entrusted us. Whether they're sporty, creative or obsessed with science, you'll find plenty of ways to keep them occupied and engaged with the natural world - and the best bit? It won't cost you a penny!

boy laying in autumn leaves


Traditional autumn games

Any little ones with a bit of a naughty streak will love getting old-school with some conker fights. Take them out to your local park and help them collect some of the best and shiniest conkers to duel with, then soak them in vinegar, bake on a low heat, drill through them and string them onto some twine. They'll love competing over who's got the hardest conker, and it's the perfect opportunity to talk about trees, seeds and what they do for the planet with your kids.

Messy crafts with autumn leaves

If you have toddlers who aren't quite big enough to be trusted with conkers, grab yourselves some poster paint and get stamping. Let your littlies choose the most beautiful autumn leaves they can find, then coat them with a thin layer of paint and help them to stamp patterns. You can use the result as lovely rustic wrapping paper when Christmas comes around, and your children will love that they've been able to get involved.



Use wildflowers for crafts

Wildflower meadows are a great source of inspiration for creative kids - try pressing flowers between the pages of a book and using the result to decorate cards or make beautiful pictures.

If you spy some teazles you could help your child to pick a bunch and tie them up with some autumnal ribbon as a gift for a teacher, grandma or a next-door neighbour.

teasel seedhead

Beautiful teasel seedheads

No wildflowers nearby? Never fear, our wild flowerturf is the perfect solution for a relaxed outdoor area - it will provide plenty of inspiration for your kids' outdoor adventures as well as looking beautiful and promoting biodiversity in your garden.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you and your family get back to nature.

Wildflowers in schools

Do you work with children or know somebody that does?  You may like our FREE downloadable pdf on using wildflowers in schools and education.

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Photo credits: boy with orange juice © Showface | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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