Make the most of your own garden with wildflowers.

Growing wildflowers is like growing natures garden, far from the ‘cultivated bullies’ such as daisies and buttercups.

Meadowmat - Wild Flower Turf

Wildflowers have always been part of everyday life, less so now, but read any type of folklore or legend in England and I can almost guarantee that somewhere a scene will be set in wildflowers. We need to cherish and encourage these beautiful yet easy and simple to maintain species, almost 70% of our medicines are derived from plant extracts, so wildflowers which readily grow in our british climate and soils should be allowed to exist in everyones garden.

Wildflowers actually thrive in areas of your garden that almost no other species will survive in, such as shade, areas under deciduous trees or between shrubs in organic matter without disturbing other plants already in existence.

We all need these beautiful splashes of colour to wake up our gardens of winter sepias.

MeadowMat- Wildflower Turf