Wild flowers feature in winning garden

It was great to hear from Tony Harding this morning with the news that his "Poets Last Rest" garden has scooped two prizes at the Gardeners World Live Show.

The garden won a gold medal and the Best in Category award in the Beautiful Borders section.

wild flowers with gold medal and winners certificate

Wild flowers and war poets

This garden commemorates the centenary of the beginning of WW1 by imagining the scenery that inspired some of our best know and best loved war poetry.

Tony describes the thinking behind his garden as follows

Here on the edge of a woodland glade our poet sits and writes what will be his final work. Far off in the distance the clacking and booming of fighting reminds him of what lies ahead, but in this spot, for just a time, he is lost in the past, dreaming of home, and his love. Behind him the calm of the woods offer tranquillity, his fear of what lies ahead soothed away by the cool caress of fern and leaf. Before him, one last meadow, with its wild margins alive with life and colour, fills his heart with optimism that one day he’ll see England again. 

For a moment he pictures this as his own garden, his sanctuary. He closes his notebook and begins his final march towards an unknown fate. Unlike the soldier, his poem made it home

design drawing for poets last rest garden

Wild flower matting in garden design

Meadowmat wild flower mat was used in the creation of this garden.  Tony and his Father, Dave, travelled from their nursery in Leicestershire to collect the matting way back in April.  The Meadowmat was grown on and nurtured on their nursery before being carefully transported to the NEC for the Gardeners World Live Show.

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