Twelve months of Meadowmat

What I’m going to show you is what Meadowmat looks like during each season of the year.

Meadowmat wild flower turf in the spring

This first picture is of meadow mat during spring (March –May) as you can see it looks very lush green ready for the summer sun to bring out these wonderful flowers.

 wildflower turf in spring lots of foliage

Wild flower matting in early spring.  Already you can see quite a variety in foliage textures and shapes.

In this sward the young leaves of yarrow, plantain oxeye daisy, wild carrot, vetch and others are plain to see

Meadowmat in summer

Meadow mat in the summer (June – August) is stunning as you can see from this next picture wouldn’t it look great around your pond, as an alternative lawn, or in parks and school grounds? It will attract and support a great variety of wildlife.

You could see up to 30 species of flowering plants in summerwhich equals a rich source of nectar for pollinating insects.

Flowering period for meadow mat is May – July and it prefers sun or light shade

wild flower meadow in summer

This is a wildflower meadow created using Meadowmat for Birds and Bees

This display will last all summer and will attract all sorts of pollinating insects.

What does Meadowmat wild flower turf look like in the autumn?

Meadow mat in the Autumn ( September – November) is kept very short and neat, this picture shows meadow mat in early autumn just before its annual haircut.

wild flower meadow in early autumn

This is our Traditional Meadowmat in late summer/early autumn.

As you can see, some of the oxeye daisies are still in flower.  The grasses have set seed and the

meadow is ready for it's annual trim.

Winter in the wildflower area

During the winter Meadow mat looks very short and green. You can lay meadow mat during the winter months providing the ground is not frozen or flooded.

yarrow leaf with haw frost on it


This picture is of foliage during the winter, it's very photogenic.

So there you have it, Meadowmat looks great all year round.

For more pictures of Meadowmat through the seasons, why not visit our photo gallery?