A great start to 2015

With a smile on our faces and a spring in our step, the Q Lawns team bound into 2015 with a wet start to the year. We have been facing the elements with our umbrellas, wellies and a smile to ensure that our customers still get their orders on time to create a little landscaping magic!

Throughout January I have been looking around and I am excited about what this year has to bring. The customers that I meet and talk to seem to have come back to work after the new year with a positive "Let’s do this!" attitude, and to be honest its very refreshing. The world seems to be growing around me as my son bounds off every morning to school and is actually enjoying it, my daughter can't get enough of nursery and keeps counting down the time until she can be a "big girl daddy" and move up a year into reception class. This exciting desire to do something new and adventurous seems to be also filtering through into the landscapes around the country. Where home owners and landscapers have always been quite content to lay the lush green traditional lawn, now there is a surge to try something different.... "Meadowmat Wildflower Turf".

One idea for new planting schemes

Traditionally, new planting schemes are slow and costly projects. Not anymore!

avenue of trees underplanted with crocus flowers

Meadowmat is delivered ready to unroll and install, with grasses and flowers already growing. Depending on when you lay it, you may see flowers within just a few weeks in the very first year! And of course you have an instant living feature – no waiting with fingers crossed for seeds to germinate on bare soil. Maintenance is as simple as one major cut per year, and some light mowing in the autumn.

Meadowmat is an instant wildflower bed, supplied on a roll. Embedded with native UK grasses and wild flowers, Meadowmat ensures you maintain the right balance and selection of plant life to attract insects, birds, small mammals and even amphibians. It is as easy to lay as grass turf, requiring no gardening skills or specialist tools. And it establishes far more quickly than any other comparable landscaping, offering almost immediate visual enhancement to the project.

wildflower meadow in high summer with lots of white flowers

Inspiration for 2015

So, as the amazing people that I have met and talked to over their dreams and projects inspired me, let me return the favour and inspire you, let’s work together to keep landscaping alive and fresh!

If you would like any more information on our different varieties of Meadowmat Wildflower Turf then please drop me an email or a call so we can all blossom together and continue through 2015 in the same positive way in which we started it, minus the rain hopefully!!