Is it time to restore your garden?

The pace of life has become much faster in Britain in the past few years, with people increasingly mobile, ambitious and, above all, busy. Whereas past generations may have spent large amounts of time at home or in their gardens, many of us today are constantly on the go. It means people are looking for ease and convenience in their home lives - with domestic work and hassle kept to a minimum.

garden room and patio with no wildlife habitat

This modern outdoor space is low maintenance but has no room for wildlife

The move to low-maintenance gardening is bad for wildlife

Sadly, in many cases, this has led to the loss of traditional green spaces in people's gardens. Rather than cherishing their lawns, flowerbeds, borders and meadow areas, homeowners have been all too eager to pave over them with flags and decking. It's understandable why - with little spare time at their disposal, they wish to create a low-maintenance outdoor space.

But with the plight of Britain's wildlife increasingly in the news in recent years - with hedgehogs, bees and butterflies among the native species coming under pressure - many people are now reassessing their garden priorities. Loss of habitat is contributing to the downturn in a number of wildlife populations, so many homeowners are recognising the importance of providing sanctuary in their gardens.

How to use wildflowers to compromise

At an increasing number of properties, sections of the patio are coming up, to be replaced with turf, beds and wildflower meadows. People who care about nature and the UK's biodiversity are doing their bit to help out, by creating new homes for butterflies, bees, insects and other small creatures. Homeowners are once again appreciating the value of their gardens.

wildflowers in low maintenance gardenThis wildflower border is great for wildlife but doesn't need much looking after
If you like poppies, you could create this look with Meadowmat Roofmix 

With Meadowmat Wild Flower Turf, it couldn't be simpler to restore a green space at your property - one that will provide the pollen and nectar needed to maintain the circle of life, and offer food sources and habitats for small species. The beauty of it is that meadows, by nature, are meant to be wild places. This means you won't need to be out with the lawnmower every week during the summer.

You can still maintain your busy, hectic lifestyle - if this is what you prefer - but at the same time, you can make a valuable contribution to the welfare of British plants and animal species. Meadowmat provides this option.

How to make a wildflower area with Meadowmat

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