Wild flowers in Norfolk 

oxeye daisyAngela Lambert from Q Lawns has signed up to take part in Plantlife's wild flowers count.  The survey is in it's 4th year and aims to keep records and monitor trends in the populations of our common plants.

Common plants can be an indicator of the health of our countryside and, as a farmer's wife, Angela is hoping that the survey will also show how effective some of the farm management schemes are at improving biodiversity.

Angela's survey area is just one square on the Ordanance Survey map (TL7092) and all she's required to do is take a 1 Km walk and record which plant species she spots growing in the hedgerow, ditch and grass verges along the way. Luckily, there is a public footpath that runs through the survey area and it's very close to home.

Follow our Facebook page to find out how Angela gets on and what she unearth's during her travels OR even better, sign up with Plantlife to survey an area close to your own home.


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