birdsfoot trefoil and clover plants for beesMeadowmat at Ryton Gardens


This summer, Ryton Gardens near Coventry, the home of the Garden Organic charity,  will become even more environmentally friendly  by introducing wildflower areas along the approach to the visitor attraction and in the orchard  courtesy of Q Lawns turf growers who have donated Meadowmat wild flower matting to the award winning visitor attraction.

Meadowmat will be installed along the road frontage, to help support bees, butterflies and other local wildlife and to reduce the amount of mowing needed along this narrow strip of grass.  This will not only help Ryton gardens financially, it will help to alleviate concerns about workers’ safety when mowing close to a busy road.

Popular visitor attraction in the Midlands

Within the gardens, that attract around 30,000 visitors per year and actively encourage educational visits from schools, Meadowmat will be used to create a bee-friendly meadow where interpretation boards will help visitors learn how important species-rich grassed areas are to local ecology and to food production.

Angela Lambert from Q Lawns said “this is a fabulous opportunity to remind the British public how beautiful wild flowers are and how valuable they are to our wildlife. Species-rich road verges and meadows are not just about aesthetics. As more and more of our green spaces disappear beneath homes and infrastructure, it’s important that we do whatever we can to maintain biodiversity in the UK – it’s part of our heritage. “