Pictures of a Wildflower Meadow in a London Garden

These photographs were shared with us by Robert Tregaskis from London SE12.

Robert planted an area of Meadowmat for Birds and Bees last winter.  These are the flowers and grasses he's spotted so far.

newly laid wild flower turf

November 2013: Meadowmat has just been installed

buttercup flower campion seed head clover leaf common sorrel flower 
 Meadow buttercup  seed-head from campion  clover leaf common sorrel 
 fescue grass seed head  meadow cranesbill foliage  grass seed head  meadow barley seed head
   Meadow cranesbill leaf    Meadow barley
 oxeye daisy  ragged robin flower  red campion flower  white campion
 Oxeye daisy  Ragged Robin  Red campion  White campion
 white clover  wild carrot  wild carrot flower bud  
 White clover  Wild carrot almost in flower  Wild carrot  

It looks as though Robert is doing a grand job with his wildflower patch and I'm sure that the local wildlife has already benefited enormously.

Even a small area of wildflowers can help by providing pollen, nectar and nest sites for all sorts of insects.  A mini-meadow like Robert's forms part of a wildlife corridor - a bit like the A1 for butterflies and bees with plenty of service stations to stop for a rest and something to eat.

It's not difficult to grow a mini wildflower meadow, especially if, like Robert you use wildflower turf to get it started.

Click here to watch a short video on how to lay wildflower turf


download a free guide to creating a wildflower meadow.