Grass Vetchling (Lathyrus Nissolia)

This is another wild flower that can be difficult to find, not because it is rare – more that it is very well camouflaged!

Grass Vetchling takes a bit of luck to find – even if it is in flower. It belongs to the same family as the Vetches, species of which are grown in our Meadowmat products.

The leaves of Grass Vetchling look like the grasses it grows among. It grows to around two feet tall and is an annual plant. The flowers, which appear in May-July are pealike and crimson, and are only about a centimetre across. They are borne on a very long footstalk and have the power of self-pollination. These flowers are then succeeded by a long, pale brown slender seed pods, which become cylindrical when the small pea like seeds are developed.

tiny purple grass vetchling flower nestling amongst grasses

Grass Vetchling or Grass Pea as it is sometimes called, is found in grassy meadows, woodland margins and along paths. We only find it in certain areas of our farms – however it may be more widespread than we think, because it is so difficult to spot !