Photo's of wildflowers in the month of May

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Some years ago (about 5, I think) I planted a mini wildflower meadow using Meadowmat wild flower matting.  It's not let me down ever.  These pictures tell of the promise of another great floral display for this summer.


ribwort plantain flower pictured from above

Ribwort plantain.  Not the most colourful flower in the meadow but fantastic food for caterpillars.  Without caterpillars there would be no butterflies - and I DO love butterflies!


White deadnettle flower pictured in May

White deadnettle nestling beside columbine leaves.  I love the shape of these flowers - they're like little rain hoods that completely cover visiting bumblebees.

tightly furled bud of oxeye daisy

Tightly furled bud of oxeye daisy.  I love the glossy leaves on this plant - it never seems to get sick or diseased (unlike my roses!).  Can't wait for these flowers to open in a couple of weeks' time.

flower head of common sorrel

Common sorrel.  Such an interestingly shaped flower spike.  Much more delicate than it's cousin the Sheep's sorrel.  The leaves of this plant are edible - I'll be including them in my summer salads and whizzing them up in my Nutribullet as a change from spinach.

foliage of tufted vetch with closed up flowers

Tufted vetch.  Apologies about the closed-up flowers.  They're so lovely when they're open but today is a bit chilly for them.  They need some sunshine to coax them into life - a bit like me!

 leaves and stalks of common knapweed in a grassy meadow

Common knapweed.  It's far too early in the year to see flowers but I'm so pleased to see that the plants have survived the winter.  The purple flowers are a true favourite of my honeybees.

close up picture of red campion flower

Saving the best til last.  Red Campion.  Such a beautiful flower, especially when you see it in great swarths.  I'll be saving some seed from these plants and sowing it in other parts of the garden next year. 


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