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As well as our range of Meadowmat wildflower turf, we also offer wildflower seed, which can be added to our wildflower mats to increase the number of flowers growing in your garden or lawn.

The Meadowmat wildflower seeds can be used for patching our wildflower turf, or even for using the wildflower seed to create your own mini-meadow. Our wildflower seed means that you can continue to grow and revitalise your garden through the years, whilst keeping your wildflower turf strong and healthy.

This makes our wildflower seed the perfect counterpart to our wildflower turf, helping you to keep a green and lush garden with a range of flowers. By using wildflower seed to make sure your garden stays healthy, you can enjoy the beauty that the flowers bring whilst also helping to keep the local wildlife happy as well.

Bring your lawn back to life and add a sea of colour and vibrancy to your home with our wildflower seed! Also, iIf you need help or advice on caring for your wildflower seeds as they grow and bloom, then make sure to check out our Wildflower Information Centre here. You will find everything you need to know to look after your beautiful wildflower garden throughout the year, no matter the season, and keep it healthy and strong for years to come.

So take a look at our range of wildflower seeds below and bring your garden back to life with wildflowers, butterflies and bees, creating the most amazing lawn on your street!

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