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Delivery Terms and Conditions

Delivery terms for Meadowmat wild flower turf

Meadowmat is grown by Q Lawns turf growers who have over twenty years of experience delivering perishable landscaping products to gardeners throughout the UK.

Liveried Q Lawns lorry being unloaded by forklift

Please help us to keep our delivery service as efficient as you would like it to be by taking note of the following delivery terms.

  1. Access.  We have assumed that your delivery address is suitable for an articulated lorry.  If not, then it is your responsibility to tell our transport department of alternative delivery arrangements at least 1 day before delivery.  Talk to Patrick or Lu on 01842 828266
  2. Kerbside deliveries.  ALL deliveries are kerbside only.  That means that we will deliver as close as we possibly can to your property but are unable to bring your Meadowmat directly into your garden.  Neither can our forklifts travel more than a few yards from the lorry without prior arrangement with our transport department. Delivering onto your property is at the driver's discretion.  You will be asked to sign a disclaimer if you invite one of our vehicles or forklifts onto your property.
  3. If the vehicle cannot access your exact address  the delivery will either be returned to the depot for re-delivery or delivered as close as possible to your property.
  4. Re-delivery charges Meadowmat reserve the right the charge a £25 re-delivery if our vehicle cannot access your site at the first attempt
  5. Using Pallet Trucks: Some of our deliveries will be offloaded by pallet truck - please ensure that surfaces at delivery site are firm and smooth.  ie no steps, kerbs, gravel, mulch or mud.
  6. Meadowmat is non-returnable. Your Meadowmat will have been harvested to order and, just like lawn turf or fresh food, has a very short shelf-life.  Please make sure that you have calculated your requirements carefully and that you are ready to lay your Meadowmat as soon as it arrives. 
  7. These terms do not affect your statutory rights as a customer

Meadowmat delivery queries

If you have any questions about our delivery terms and conditions or if you need to ask about lorry sizes etc, please telephone our office on 01842 828266 between 7am and 5pm on weekdays.

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