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Meadowmat deliveries and arrival times

When should I expect my Meadowmat to arrive?

Meadowmat will be harvested from our farm in Norfolk and loaded onto your delivery truck the day before it arrives with you - so it's nice and fresh.

It will be delivered to you either by a courier service or on one of our own lorries.

Freshly harvested Meadowmat rolled up and stacked on pallets

When you order online you have the option to pay a small surcharge for a timed delivery.  If you have made the most of this service you can be 90% sure that your Meadowmat will arrive when you've asked for it.  Occasionally - and it is occasionally - the lorry may be held up en route in heavy traffic - in which case you may experience a slight delay.

If you have opted for the standard delivery service, then you can still choose the day of delivery.  Your Meadowmat will arrive between 9am and 7pm

What to do if your Meadowmat delivery is late

If you are concerned about your Meadowmat delivery, please don't hesitate to call Q Lawns transport team on 01842 828266.  The office is open from 7am to 5pm on weekdays and our friendly staff will do their utmost to find out what's happening and when your wildflower mat is expected to arrive.

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