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Buy Meadowmat Wildflower Turf

When you order Meadowmat online you can be assured of the very best service, value for money and product quality.

Add a sense of colour and extra beauty to your garden with wildflower turf from Meadowmat. Our outstanding mix of wildflowers create a scene of serenity and luxury, whilst also helping to attract nature, including butterflies and bees. This will make your garden feel like a meadow of natural wonder.

Meadowmat is supplied on rolls, for easy application to your lawn or garden. Each roll measures 1-meter x 2 meters, totalling 2 square meters per roll. This means that you can quickly and easily revitalise your garden and breathe life back into a tired lawn.

Meadowmat offers a range of mixtures when it comes to wildflowers, from our standard wildflower turf to our special Birds & Bees mix that features 42 species of wildflower. If your garden suffers from partial sun, with a lot of shade, then we also have our Woodland Shade Meadowmat mix, which is pregrown in order to make sure it will flourish in dappled shade.

Revive your garden today using our Meadowmat wildflower turf today! We can even help you make sure that you have the right tools to lay your wildflower turf in the best possible way. Take a look at our range of wildflower turf below and get ready to love your garden or lawn once again with Meadowmat and a beautiful range of wildflowers, easily laid and cut to the perfect shape for your home.

  1. MeadowMat Birds & Bees

    Meadowmat for Birds and Bees is a wild flower matting containing 42 species of perennial and biannual grasses and flowering plants.The matting will establish quickly and easily to create a wildflower area that offers a colourful floral display in spring and summer and beautiful seedheads during autumn and winter..

  2. Cottage Garden Meadowmat

    A glorious blend of native and non-native plants and grasses to attract and support pollinating insects AND bring a beautiful splash of colour to your garden.

  3. MeadowMat Wild Flower Turf

    Recreate the wildflower meadows of yesteryear with this beautiful blend of 34 perennial flowers and grasses.

  4. Meadowmat Roof and Garden

    Create a beautiful and biodiverse wildflower meadow on your roof or on the ground with no worry or waiting.

  5. Woodland Shade Meadowmat

    A pregrown mat of UK wildflowers that like to grow in dappled shade. Perfect for growing beneath deciduous trees or in that corner of the garden that only gets sunshine for part of the day.

  6. MeadowMat low fertility soil


    Wild flowers need soil which is poor in nutrients. Most garden soil is too rich for a successful wildflower meadow. This specially blended growing medium comes highly recommended.

  7. Turf Laying Boards x 2

    Don’t walk on newly laid Meadowmat!. Use these turf laying boards during laying and when moving the sprinkler once laid.
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