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Meadowmat Wildflower Species

Wildflower Species

The UK is priviliged to play host to thousands of species of wild flowers, grasses, trees and shrubs. Each one contributes towards our global reputation of being a green and pleasant land.

wildflower meadow

mixed wildflowers in a garden border

There's a wildflower for every situation. Mother Nature hates bare soil so no matter what the situation, there is a native plant that will thrive.

At Meadowmat we want to help you celebrate our wonderful wild flowers by bringing them into your own garden or landscaping project.

There are a choice of Meadowmat varieties each representing a different type of habitat and situation.

In every type of Meadowmat you'll find a different mixture of wildflower species taken from the following list. If you have a favourite wildflower, you can learn more about it by clicking on the link. The letters beside each flower indicate which type of Meadowmat you'll find them in.

Key to Meadowmat types

Yellow Wild Flowers

yellow wildflowers

Pink Wild flowers

maiden pink

Red wild flowers

Purple wild flowers

purple flower of common knapweed

Blue wild flowers

cornflower. single bloom with bumblebee

White wild flowers

white campion flowers

Other coloured wildflowers

Wild Grasses



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